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Sarah York

Director of Events

Describe your path to Grovehouse. How did you end up with the GH family?
I started working in hospitality when I was in high school - first as a host at a neighborhood restaurant, then through college as a server/bartender at various restaurants in the midwest, then as a bartender in a couple fine dining restaurants when I moved to NYC in my twenties.  I was working in the village at a restaurant that was set to close at the end of 2015 when my boss at the time connected me to Chef Missy via email. I met her in January of 2016 a few weeks before Lilia opened, and was very lucky to have been hired on that first team. Being a part of the opening team at Lilia will always be one of my most important career milestones. 

Words of wisdom for those who are new to the restaurant industry?
If you're new in the restaurant industry, the one thing I'd emphasize the most is that no matter where you're working, if you do right by your coworkers and your guests, you're going to find whatever version of success you're looking for. This industry is unique because it can be whatever you need it to be - a job that pays the bills while you're in school or pursuing other interests, or a long-term career. Either way, if you always err on the side of hospitality with guests and you build good relationships with the people working around you, you're going to be just fine.

Favorite comfort food/meal/snack?
One of the small joys in life, to me, is a cup of hot drip coffee and a glazed donut. The best glazed donut in the world is from Lamar's in Kansas City, but I also love Peter Pan donuts in Greenpoint. 

Strongest trivia category?
My strongest trivia category is sports, particularly NFL trivia. 

How do you practice emotional and mental fitness? 
The biggest step I've ever taken towards improving my mental health was to quit drinking. While I certainly don't preach it to anyone because I know everyone's relationship with alcohol is different - I can confidently say that every aspect of my health and my life improved after making that decision. One of the best things it's done for me is help me manage stress by granting access to a mental tool kit geared to actually solve problems, rather than relying on the short-term release that alcohol provides while not actually fixing anything.