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Our Story

Sean and Missy met in 2009 when they became neighbors while living in a small townhouse on Grove Street in the West Village of Manhattan. Despite conflicting schedules while working in different industries they solidified a friendship over the many meals they shared together. 

In 2014, the pair decided to become business partners and launched Grovehouse, a hospitality company that celebrates Italian cuisine, culture and spirit. Missy and Sean love to entertain their friends and family and consider their restaurants within the company an extension of their homes. Their first restaurant, Lilia, opened in 2016 followed by Misi in 2018. MP Grocery, their retail brand, launched in January of 2020. 


2009 - 2013

Missy & Sean become neighbors, Grove Street in the West Village, NYC


Grovehouse Founded 


Lilia Opens


Misi Opens


Misipasta Created 


QB x Grovehouse Launch 

MP Grocery Launch


Create inspiring dining experiences to help make everyday a good day


Invest In Each other

Cultivate relationships, trust in teamwork, respectfully communicate  

Keep It Simple

The most important ingredient is the one left out

Think Different

Ask more questions, look through a unique lense, take calculated risk

Make It Better

Learn from mistakes, strive to improve, realize tomorrow’s opportunity