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Family Meal: The perfect French omelette

The perfect French omelette

Back of House

Kyle MacKinnon, Sous Chef at Lilia

Hailing from Charleston, SC, Kyle was hired as a garde manger cook at Lilia just a month after it opened in 2016 and eventually became a sous chef two years later. He started his hospitality career in the front of house during college before getting a job as a prep cook at the best restaurant in his college town of Columbia, SC. It was in the kitchen of Motor Supply Company Bistro where he first felt like the job didn’t feel like a job, and made it a point to never leave a restaurant until he’s worked every station.

I’ve been using this time to rest, exercise, and work on technique in the kitchen. I’ve been studying Jacques Pepin’s books and have been really trying to knock out a perfect French omelette. He does it with just three eggs, a tablespoon of butter, salt, chopped herbs, and a non-stick pan. I’ve been cooking only one omelette a day. I’m six attempts in and I think I’m pretty close, but I haven’t made THE perfect French omelette yet. I’ll keep trying.