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Family Meal: Support Group

Ken Ho

Back of House

Ken Ho, Bartender at Misi

Born to immigrant parents from Taiwan, Ken grew up in Berkeley, CA. He has spent over 20 years in the hospitality industry on both coasts. In 2011, Ken and his now-wife moved to NYC and met Sean while bartending in the West Village. Fast forward to the summer of 2018, Ken bumps into Sean and Missy dining in Greenpoint, hears about their new restaurant project, and decides to join the team at Misi.  When Ken’s not behind the bar, he enjoys spending time with his pups, traveling, and on set as an actor.

Hi everyone,

I hope you are all well. This is something I put together inspired by our bartender group chat at Misi. For me, it represents the shift of supporting each other within the walls of the restaurant to supporting each other practically and emotionally during this time of uncertainty.

 — Ken

“Who took the bar walk-in key home?”
“There are 5 1/5 quarts of peach in the bar low boy. 12/8 & 12/15 so get your eyes on the date to get the 12/8 out”
“Also prob going to 86 Four Roses tonight for whoever is in. We got the wrong size of bottle so ignore that case on the wine rack”
“Hey guys, can anyone pick up my PM shift on the 26th?  I have a doctor’s appointment”
“If anyone is looking to give up any shifts, I’m looking to pick up”
“Mom’s birthday on Sunday, can anybody cover?”
“Has anyone seen the bar walk-in key?”
“NYC has banned gatherings of over 500 people, ‘social distancing’ is the major concern and recommendation as per CDC”
“I just tried ordering groceries from Amazon online and they’re straight up not delivering anymore”
“Are you guys thinking of getting those Bane-like coronavirus masks?”
“But on a more serious note, wash your hands a lot”
“Restaurants can only be 50% full.  They’re removing 1/2 the tables”
“How are the cuts working? Rotational?”
"They just made the call.  We’re closing for everyone’s safety”
“I’m gonna grab a quick apocalypse beer.  Who's coming with?”
“De Blasio just ordered all restaurants and bars to close”
“Someone ask Cuomo why I still have to move my car for street sweeping during this”
“Unemployment is down right now”
“The site crashed repeatedly as I was making my profile, and for that reason, have your name, phone number, address, start/end date, and EIN for your employers from the last 18 months ready to go”
“Keep at it.  They’re overwhelmed but I finally got through after a week”
“This is terrifying!”
“How’s everyone?”
“Bruh I’ve been in sweatpants all week.”
“Thinking about tackling my inbox”
“We should amass a list of shows and movies to watch”
“Also, just read everything from yesterday and KEEP THE DOGGO PICS COMING”
“Omg u guys there’s this thing on Netflix about crazies owning tigers and lions and I’m three mins in and recommending it—Tiger King: murder mayhem and madness”
“Guys I just want to say this: if you develop symptoms each CityMD has two tests they are allowed to administer per day”
“Keep in mind that a lot of people are asymptomatic”
“Still waiting for The House to pass the bill. It just passed the Senate”
“They’re not letting cars with NY plates into Delaware or RI”
“How is everyone holding up today?”
“I miss human interaction”
“Ugh guys!! I miss you all so much”
“You guys are the best”
“Can’t wait to get back behind the stick with everyone….Oh crap, I have the walk-in key”